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Homes Required

There is never any shortage of Springers looking for new homes. Young, middle-aged, elderly, all are looking for that special someone who will love and care for them.

Young Springers are usually re-homed relatively quickly, but please spare a thought for those Golden Oldies who also deserve recognition for the love and companionship they still have to give. Caring for an elderly dog can be as equally rewarding as caring for a younger dog and not everyone wants a bouncy, rumbustious whirlwind in their lives. Slow and sedate also has its compensations.

Here are just some of the dogs who need special attention and are seeking kind and loving families.

If you wish to adopt one of our Springers, please complete the on-line vetting form.


Dexter is a liver and white four and a half year old male springer.

He is vaccinated and microchipped, good off the lead but does pull a little when on the lead.

Dexter is feeling overwhelmed in his current home as it is a busy household with children between 3 and 6 years and a new addition means Dexter does not get the exercise he deserves.

Dexter travels well in the car and needs an adult only household where he will be afforded the attention he needs.


Jenny is a 14 month old liver and white spayed female who is vaccinated and microchipped.

Jenny requires a very experienced springer home as she can be naughty towards other dogs and needs some training and socialising.

Jenny currently lives with another dog but has recently taken to being dominant over him.

In time Jenny could be a potential star but will need patience and correct handling from someone with experience of the breed.


OscarOscar is a mainly white long, legged, Springer Spaniel who is 17 months old. He has had an unsettled beginning to his life.

Oscar still shows some juvenile behaviour and this is partly due to his past lack of structure and socialisation whilst a young dog. Until now he has been unable to build a bond between owner and other dogs.

Oscar is micro chipped and fully vaccinated a loving and affectionate personality. He enjoys cuddles and travelling in the car in a crate, he is a bit excited at first but soon settle’s.

At present is staying with one of our trainers and he is interacting with him very well and making positive progress (click to See video).He sometimes lacks concentration and can be easily distracted, although for most of his training he is focused and is enthusiastic. Oscar now walks well on the lead and is exercised off lead with other male dog. Oscar is not at the stage where he can be completely let off lead in an open environment yet training is showing a positive outcome in a secure environment. We do not yet know how Oscar is around, livestock and this will be included in the training programme, at present he will chase Cats and birds. Oscar

Oscar Needs a forever home where there are no cats or children. A home where he can develop into a loyal fun loving springer who loves life. His new family will need to keep on top of his training and be committed to this long term.

Oscar responds very well to women, so ideally a strong but gentle female household would be ideal. However, he is building a good rapport with our male trainer so a man about the house must be prepared stand back and wait until Oscar decides he can work with them.


FudgeFudge is a 7 year old Liver and White neutered male.

Fudge lived with a family but due to his tendency to be over zealous sometimes, the family thought he would be better suited to someone who has a lot of time to spend with him and work on socialising him more with other dogs and people. This should be done gradually once Fudge knows his new owners well enough to trust them.

Fudge has a game that has not been corrected in the past and this is to pinch something while you're not looking and run into the garden expecting you to try and get whatever it is he has. This should be discouraged but if this happens should be ignored and his attention distracted elsewhere with some activity that is more interesting.

Fudge needs an all adult family where he can be taken on long walks and allowed to enjoy the wonderful sights and smells the world can offer.

Are you the home that Fudge so desperately needs ?



Meet Ollie, he is 9 years of age.

He is good off the lead and is fair on the lead though like most Springers will pull a little when first going out.

Ollie is affectionate and well behaved for the majority of the time but he can exhibit unwanted behaviour if he doesn't get the exercise Springers need, even at this age he needs to be out and about doing what springers do !

This behaviour can be grumbling, just like a grumpy old man really but if this is ignored and he is given the outdoor action, this should not be a problem.

Ollie loves chasing tennis balls and swimming.

Ollie is patiently waiting for his new home and hopes you will be the ones to offer him a comfy bed, good food and lots of walks and adventures.



Brogan is an 8 year old Liver and White Springer cross, he is neutered and house trained but not fully vaccinated or Micro chipped this will be done before he goes to his forever home.


Brogans home life at the moment is very busy with the addition of a new baby, and the poor lad is no longer allowed into the house during the day, so spends his days outside and at night in the kitchen behind the baby gate.



Brogan is used to older teenagers, but has no experience of younger children. He has no experience of cats, birds or livestock so careful introduction is a must. He is wary of other dogs as was bitten and this has left a negative experience so when he is on the lead he will bark and growl at other dogs at present.


Brogan pulls on the lead and would benefit from some lead training and off lead exercise, his recall is said to be good. Because of the busy life he has now had many opportunities to travel in the car and does get quite excited but this could be corrected with training and plenty of opportunities to travel short distances in the beginning.

. Brogan

 Brogan loves to play football or ball but does have the tendency to tear them up with excitement. He is looking for a forever home, where he can be the only dog, receive more exercise and attention, and able to interact with his new owner, and build a special bond



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