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Homes Required

There is never any shortage of Springers looking for new homes. Young, middle-aged, elderly, all are looking for that special someone who will love and care for them.

Young Springers are usually re-homed relatively quickly, but please spare a thought for those Golden Oldies who also deserve recognition for the love and companionship they still have to give. Caring for an elderly dog can be as equally rewarding as caring for a younger dog and not everyone wants a bouncy, rumbustious whirlwind in their lives. Slow and sedate also has its compensations.

Here are just some of the dogs who need special attention and are seeking kind and loving families.

If you wish to adopt one of our Springers, please complete the on-line vetting form.


Name:     Gabrielle

Age:        17 months

Sex:         Female

Fully Vaccinated       - YES

Micro Chipped          - YES

Neutered                 - YES

Used to Cats            - YES

Used to Dogs           - YES

Fully house trained   - YES

Destructive or Noisy  - NO

Used to Children       - YES from 5 to 11 years. 

“Hi, my name is Gabrielle or Gabby for short, and I think I am quite good looking. I am not keen on a short leads, I like to be walked on a long line as this gives me more opportunities to smell things. Off lead, I like to keep my owner in sight, and will come back when my name is called”. 

“I think I am quite clever as I can drop things when told, well most of the time, you can take things from my mouth and I don’t mind, but would prefer a treat as a thank you. I can play ball and bring it back to you, this is also my training reward. When I am not training or having a good run, I do enjoy going out in the car and travel very well”.  

“So what sort of home would I like, well I don’t mind being the only dog, and as I get on with other dogs, I wouldn’t mind some company either.I like children who like dogs and are nice to me. I really hope to still be able to go out in the car, to the seaside in nice weather. Oh and I’d like plenty of cuddles and treats”. 


Name:             Max

Age:                7 Months

Sex:                Male


Neutered:              - NO

Fully Vaccinated     - YES

Micro Chipped        - YES

Used to Children:    - YES lived with 9 Months, 9 Years and 11 Years. 

Max is a typical young Springer, full of bounce and energy. He was previously in a home that was unsuitable and was subsequently rehomed. Unfortunately, due to the older dog not accepting him and the change in his owners working hours, Max came to NWESSR. At present, he is being fostered by one of our volunteers. He will remain there, until a forever home is found. 

Max gets on well with other dogs, but not cats or birds, especially game birds and has no experience of livestock. He is crated at night indoors, and during the day he is outside in his kennel and run. Max is looking for a home where somebody is at home all day, and an owner who is prepared to do some training or attend training classes with him. Max can be noisy if left for long periods of time. He should not be left for longer than 4 hours. He can get anxious when left alone, so working on this is a must. Max is still essentially a baby, and can be destructive to his own bedding if not exercise properly and mentally stimulated.


 Max travels well in the car and loves going to different places. He walks well on the lead and has good recall. He is a good natured lad, and would  blossom in an environment, where he can meet new people, and have lots of cuddles on the sofa, after his walk.  

Name:           Pete

Age:              19 months

Sex:              Male

Fully Vaccinated        - YES

Micro chipped           - YES

Used to Live stock     - YES

Loves the outside      - YES

Used to Children:      - Yes from 7 months to 7 years. 

Pete is a delightful liver and white Springer with a full tail. He is used to other dogs, birds and livestock. Pete is fully house trained and lives inside, happily using a crate. Pete can be left 3 to 4 hours and is not noisy or destructive. 

Here are a few words from Pete:


 “I am good on the lead and enjoy being off lead and have good recall. I enjoy travelling in the car and going to different places to sniff out new smells, I have never bitten anyone. But I have growled sometimes when food was around, but I can learn not to”. 

“I am happy for you to take anything out of my mouth and I will DROP on command. But my favourite game is playing ball, I love retrieving and I always bring it back”.  

I am looking for a forever home where my new owners enjoy an active outdoor life style; I love swimming and outdoors activities.

Come on, what are you waiting for” 



Name:            Bailey

Age:               5 Years

Sex:               Male

Neutered:            - YES

Fully Vaccinated   - YES

Micro Chipped      - YES 

Bailey was a big liver and white dog weighing 32kg. But since coming to NWESSR, he is enjoying his long walks and plenty of off lead exercise. Bailey attends Wagg weight watchers and is now a stunning 26kg, he is feeling much better for his healthier life style. Bailey gets on well with other dogs, but is not so keen on cats or pigeons that come into his garden. 

Here are a few words from Bailey. 

“Hi Bailey here”“Yes! I do pull on the lead but I am a Springer. Currently I wear a Dogmatic and this helps me to walk nicely. I don’t really like wearing it, and on the way back from the walk, I will rub it along the hedges hoping it will fall off,  (Well I have to try these things)”. 

“I love going in the car to different places, and travel very well. I just tend to have a nap and wake up then we get there. I am a sociable fellow who enjoys meeting new people, dogs and interacting with my foster Mum and Dad. I love playing ball and will bring it back again and again. You will tire of this before I do” 

“How do I see my forever home, well ideally I would like to be the only dog, then I get loads of cuddles and attention.  But I could possibly share with a brother or sister, as long as we get on and I can meet them first.

I have lost a lot of weight and feel healthier, I want to keep up my fitness regime with lots of long walks, going to different places and playing ball. I need a little recall work as I forget my name, but I don’t mind learning this for you.   



Sam is nearly two and is a black and white springer who is vaccinated and microchipped.

Sam pulls on the lead but his recall is said to be good. Sam will flush out birds wherever they are so no hiding place for these feathered friends.

Recently Sam has been hard mouthing and nipping owners hands and arms but they say this is because he needs more things to occupy his inquisitive mind and although they try, they do have to work and as there are children in the house the time for Sam is limited.

Sam has a tendency to jump up on people which should be discouraged by directing his attention elsewhere. Sam is submissive with other dogs but is friendly.

** Updated Photo **

Sam, showing he can relax & chill



GeorgeGeorge is a 2yr old black & white working type springer. He is neutered, vaccinated & microchipped.

He has met other dogs but can be a bit uncertain until he gets to know them. He has not met children, cats, birds or livestock. He is house trained and can be left for up to 4hrs.

He walks to heel on a lead but his recall needs some work; in fact he cowers a bit on return as though he has been hit for not coming back immediately. He is slightly head shy as though he has been hit around the head. His new owners should always get George to come to them and until he trusts them should be stroked under his chin so he can see what they are doing. George

George loves to play ball and will drop it on the command ‘leave’ or you can take it out of his mouth.

He is currently fed twice a day on Arden Grange complete dog food.

Brogan is an 8 year old Liver and White Springer cross, he is neutered and house trained but not fully vaccinated or Micro chipped this will be done before he goes to his forever home.

 BroganBrogans home life at the moment is very busy with the addition of a new baby, and the poor lad is no longer allowed into the house during the day, so spends his days outside and at night in the kitchen behind the baby gate.

Brogan is used to older teenagers, but has no experience of younger children. He has no experience of cats, birds or livestock so careful introduction is a must. He is wary of other dogs as was bitten and this has left a negative experience so when he is on the lead he will bark and growl at other dogs at present. BroganBrogan pulls on the lead and would benefit from some lead training and off lead exercise, his recall is said to be good. Because of the busy life he has now had many opportunities to travel in the car and does get quite excited but this could be corrected with training and plenty of opportunities to travel short distances in the beginning.


 Brogan loves to play football or ball but does have the tendency to tear them up with excitement. He is looking for a forever home, where he can be the only dog, receive more exercise and attention, and able to interact with his new owner, and build a special bond


** Updated Photo **

Brogan enjoying a massage from one of his admirers





Harvey is a five and a half year old liver & white springer with a tail.

He is house trained, microchipped and is ok with other dogs, cows and horses although he has not met sheep or cats.

He can be left for long periods and is neither noisy nor destructive.

He pulls on the lead but his recall is good, he also travels well in the car.

Harvey loves a ball and will let go of the ball on the command ‘give’.

He has snapped at the owner but was being given mixed messages by her ex-husband and the poor boy doesn't know which way to turn. He is used to teenaged children.

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A request to all NWESSR dog owners. If you have moved since taking your dog from NWESSR, or are in the process of moving, please could you keep us up to date with any new contact details. You can do this by by e.mailing our Homing Officer in the contacts page.  We would like to keep in touch with all owners of NWESSR dogs and also be able to send our newsletters to you.  Thanks.