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Homes Required

There is never any shortage of Springers looking for new homes. Young, middle-aged, elderly, all are looking for that special someone who will love and care for them.

Young Springers are usually re-homed relatively quickly, but please spare a thought for those Golden Oldies who also deserve recognition for the love and companionship they still have to give. Caring for an elderly dog can be as equally rewarding as caring for a younger dog and not everyone wants a bouncy, rumbustious whirlwind in their lives. Slow and sedate also has its compensations.

Here are just some of the dogs who need special attention and are seeking kind and loving families.

If you wish to adopt one of our Springers, please complete the on-line vetting form.


Cassie is 7/8 years old, spayed and microchipped. She is looking for another home because of a change in family circumstances.Cassie

Her foster mum and dad say that she is one of the most gentle, affectionate and loyal dogs that you could ever hope to meet. Her manners are impeccable; she is good with people and with dogs; she can safely be left with the run of the house and is neither noisy nor destructive in any way. She loves to go for a run (she moves like the wind and is a joy to watch) and to play ball and her recall is excellent.

CassieShe does pull on the lead and would benefit from going to training class but she is a fast learner and very intelligent.

She barks in the car so would be best with a family who didn't take her on long journeys.

She is a truly loveable dog who would make a wonderful addition to the right family and who deserves to find happiness.


Jack is 11 years and 3 months, he is black and white and here is what his foster mum has to say about him:


‘He is a recently castrated male, with cauliflower ears and a healing tail wound where he had a cyst removed on the 4th April. He has arthritic knees and has daily metacam for this. These glasses aren't that good!


Jack can walk up to three miles happily, recall is a bit of a problem as his hearing is quite poor, however he will watch where you are and respond to gesticulating “come here”. Jack travels well in the car providing he is in the boot if not he is dangerous and will try and sit on your knee whilst you are driving.


Jack with his teddyJack is happy with dogs, cats and horses but will chase sheep and chickens. He has a teddy that he sleeps with his head on and will bring you his lead if he wants a walk / a wee / or just some attention.


Jack eats slowly but his teeth are fine, he takes tablets easily and loves to be groomed. Jack is happy to be left for a few hours and will bring you his teddy on your return. If the doorbell rings he doesn’t bark. He is a quiet happy dog but he does snore like a train.


He is one of the sweetest, kindest and gentlest dogs I have ever met’.


Jess is a beautiful ESS from Crufts show stock – one generation ago – and has the classic looks of a show dog with lovely liver and white colouring. She is very motivated by food and has a tendency to put on weight although long walks would sort that.

Jess is very loving and protective of her family and territory. She has given the odd nip – nothing that required medical treatment – but never out of her home. On walks she is more interested in all the smells that nature throws up than on other dogs. She comes to get her lead on easily when it’s time to go home. She’s not interested in fetching or toys.

When Jess was nearly two she had a small litter, only two pups, one of whom died within a few days. The other was kept and Jess has been a very good and protective mother to her.

Jess has never been exposed to children and would probably not welcome a young family, adults and late teens are probably best for her.


Bella is a liver & white neutered female, she will be 3 years old on 1st May and was handed in to a rescue in Ireland because her family have moved home and have a small child and are unable to give her the attention that she deserves.

BellaBella has a very thick and fluffy coat and we think that she may not be a full springer. She is a very affectionate and loving girl and loves to be with you, enjoying walks, although she does pull a little on the lead. Her recall is almost there, and she loves to chase a ball and will retrieve it; although she doesn’t drop on command you can take it from her mouth without resistance. 

She is active and loves to run round and is very puppy like, so would benefit from some one-to-one training to help her calm down, however, she is food orientated and loves treats so this should be relatively easy to achieve.

She is happy around other dogs and is currently in foster with a male springer, getting on well and enjoying playing with him. We understand that she does not like cats and although we do not know what she is like with livestock or birds, she paid great interest to the ducks that were on a local lake and given the chance, would chase them.

She travels well in the car and settles down as soon as you set off. She will greet you with a friendly smile and a wag of her tail.


 Pete Pete is approx. 6yrs old, and is a neutered liver and white Springer. He came to NWESSR from a general dog rescue in an appalling mess, resembling a mobile mat; it was difficult to tell which end was which. His body was covered in sores, and his feet raw and weeping.

Fast forward a few months, with veterinary treatment he has made a full recovery and comes with a full MOT. Poor Pete has had a terrible start, and will need reassurance from an understanding family with no young children.

His new owners need to be experienced with the larger Springer Spaniel. Pete is described as a dog dog, not the sort that needs fussing over or around him. He looks on this as a weakness and will take advantage.  This is probably because no one has ever made a fuss of him and he does not understand. It needs a calm assertive owner(s) to gain a calm submissive attitude in Pete. At present it is best not to give him toys, as this creates problems with possessiveness. But this doesn’t mean he can’t play. He stays calm and is happy, if you pretend to throw a ball or hide it, it keeps him guessing. On walks his recall is very good, he does not wander, and keeps looking back for you, especially if he thinks a ball game is imminent.

Understandably, because of his past history, grooming, bathing, towelling down and handling his feet, will need to be done slowly over a long period of time, to allow him to gain the confidence in his owner. Pete prefers to be fed away from family activity somewhere quite, and allowed to eat his food in peace. He is housetrained and seems ok with other dogs, birds and livestock.  

Can you give Pete a second chance; he is looking for a home that will offer him a comfy dog bed, good food and a lot of exercise, coupled with good strong direction. In return you really will have a faithful friend for life.


Please meet the Dudley Family

These dogs are those still looking for homes from the 8 dogs that were handed over to us because their owner had passed away.

Dog 4

They are delightful and sweet natured dogs and we will be looking for homes where there are no young children


Dog 3

The longer the dogs are with us, we should get some indication of which dogs will benefit most from having a house buddy.

Ellie aka BooBoo  is 8 years (dog 3)   

Tudor aka  Chew  is  7 years (dog 4)

These dogs have been gaining in confidence as individuals since their arrival and will make good progress in their new homes. The other members of the family have all now been rehomed, all with other doggie companions and are getting on really well. 


Jasmine is still only 9 months old (DOB 8/6/13).  She had been in the same home since she first left her Mum. She was a typical over the top pup, who perhaps had not had the benefit of boundaries being put in place. Uncorrected puppy mouthing had resulted in the owners being nipped, she grumbled if approached whilst eating, and play fighting with another dog, resulted in a bite to the dog. She was surrendered to us aged just 4 months.

Jasmine Fast forward. Jasmine has spent some time with our trainer, who feels that she has been badly treated at some point, and now has to learn to trust her ‘owner’. She obviously wants to please, and constantly watches him, to make sure she is doing nothing wrong. He is successfully feeding her by hand to reduce the food aggression, and to help her understand she will be fed. She is learning respect around other dogs, if she tries to dominate, they warn her, and she will back off. Jasmine’s lead work is quite good.  Off lead, she sticks fairly close to our trainer, taking about 5 or 6 shouts for her to return. She likes to play ball and will concentrate unless she sniffs a bird or rabbit. Jasmine travels fairly well in the car, particularly for one so young. She is Liver and White, vaccinated, micro-chipped and house trained.

Jasmine has learnt a lot in these last months. Can you carry on the good work? Jasmine needs an active, experienced home, with people who will give her time and patience, to enable her to trust them. For this reason we would only look to re-home her with no other dogs or cats, and only teenage responsible children.


Cleo Cleo is a delightful little girl who has recently been diagnosed with Addison's disease which is controlled with medication which enables her to live a typical springer lifestyle. Cleo is 5 years of age and has lived with young children but has no experience of cats. Cleo could possibly live with another dog as she is friendly towards all dogs she meets. Cleo would need someone that is home most of the day as she doesn't really like being home alone. Cleo's family were reluctant to ask us to find her a new home but their working hours were resulting in her being left for long periods and she didn't take kindly to this change in her routine.

Cleo will be available on our fostering scheme which means that if needed NWESSR can help towards payments for her medication which has to be administered daily.

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There have been reports of Parvovirus in area's of the North West and East Lancashire. Please be aware if your dogs show any signs of being unwell. Seek your vets advice if your dog has diarrhoea (often containing blood), as well as vomiting and dehydration. Please check that your dogs vaccinations are up to date.

This disease can be fatal and prevention is the best way.