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Homes Required

There is never any shortage of Springers looking for new homes. Young, middle-aged, elderly, all are looking for that special someone who will love and care for them.

Young Springers are usually re-homed relatively quickly, but please spare a thought for those Golden Oldies who also deserve recognition for the love and companionship they still have to give. Caring for an elderly dog can be as equally rewarding as caring for a younger dog and not everyone wants a bouncy, rumbustious whirlwind in their lives. Slow and sedate also has its compensations.

Here are just some of the dogs who need special attention and are seeking kind and loving families.

If you wish to adopt one of our Springers, please complete the on-line vetting form.


Charlie is an almost 9 year old black and white show type springer.

He is vaccinated and neutered and will be microchipped before he leaves us.

Charlie will join us shortly as his current family's circumstances have changed and they can no longer keep him.

Charlie is said to be good with cats and other dogs, he is good on the lead with encouragement and his recall is good.

Bewley is a 6 year old liver and white male springer who is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Bewley is good with other dogs and would benefit from living with another dog.    

He is trained to the whistle, voice call and hand signals. His recall is said to be good but he does pull on the lead.

Bewley is a gentle, dog who is full of fun, loyal and loving.

One thing to have in mind when out with Bewley is that he is not good around livestock so it would be better to avoid fields of sheep.

Bewley will join us only when the right family has been found as the owner wishes him to stay where he is rather than go in kennels.


Max and Coby are a bonded pair of litter brothers who are nearly 4 years old.

They are liver and white and microchipped.

They will be joining us shortly due to illness in the family and a very demanding job which means the owner often works away and has to rely on other people to attend to the dogs needs.

Both dogs are good on the lead and their recall is said to be excellent.

They both like to play ball and will retrieve.

These boys are loyal and willing to please and need a new home for them to live life to the full.

They must be homed together as we are told that they are bonded and enjoy each others company.
Mario is a 3 year old liver and white male who is microchipped.


He travels well in the car.

He is good on a halti and his recall is said to be reasonable.

Mario has lived with a cat but will bark at them. He is fine with other dogs.

His current owner's working hours have increased so Mario is 'Home Alone' for too long.


Toby is a 2 year old liver and white springer who is vaccinated and microchipped.

He would be best suited to an all adult household where he will get the exercise and attention he needs.

He is a very loving dog that craves attention.

Toby travels well in the car.

He pulls on the lead and will try to remove any lead that involves being over his nose.

His recall is good but only if there are no distractions.

Unfortunately Toby will chase cats and small dogs and will intimidate and dominate them. He is fine with larger dogs and will play.

Toby will play with toys but shows no interest in playing ball.

Toby recently snapped at a small child in the home but this seems to have been a misunderstanding over a dog chew.

Toby is a typical enthusiastic springer with boundless energy who needs an experienced home where his needs will be catered for.


Cooper is a liver and white spayed female and is 6 years old.

Cooper is fine with other dogs as long as she is not pestered by them.

She is good with older children and has lived with cats but will chase cats she sees outside.

Cooper is said to be ok around livestock and birds.

Her recall is excellent and she returns to the whistle. She pulls on the lead if it is short but walks better on a long lead.

Cooper gets excited when travelling. 

Cooper has an allergy to raw and any red meat.

Obe is a 5 year old black & white springer.

He is said to be ok with cats and other dogs, in fact Obe would benefit from sharing his new home with another dog as he enjoys having the company of a playmate.

Obe pulls on the lead but his recall is said to be good.

Obe needs a home where there is someone at home most of the time as he doesn't really like to be alone, hence the need for another dog in the home.

Human company is what Obe craves, he is very loyal loving dog who will be joining us shortly as his current owner finds that their time is being stretched to the limits and thinks Obe deserves more.



We know very little about Katie as she only arrived with us on the 15th May 2015.

Katie lived with a lady who sadly died and Katie was there for a while before the lady was discovered. Unfortunately no family members are in a position to offer Katie a home.

Katie is Liver and white and about 8 years old. She is overweight. We think she is spayed but this has yet to be confirmed.

Katie just needs a loving home where she will be comfortable and have nice walks daily and make someone a great companion.

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A request to all NWESSR dog owners. If you have moved since taking your dog from NWESSR, or are in the process of moving, please could you keep us up to date with any new contact details. You can do this by by e.mailing our Homing Officer in the contacts page.  We would like to keep in touch with all owners of NWESSR dogs and also be able to send our newsletters to you.  Thanks.